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The Internet is full of online diets, weight loss programs and hundreds of weight loss products that end up being a complete waste of time and money. They don’t help you lose weight or teach you healthy eating habits. Most of them offer very little (if any) support.


WEIGHT LOSS TIPSChoose a Weight Loss Plan that:

• Aims to improve eating habits. It’s more likely to help you lose weight.

• Offers practical tips to help you stay on your diet. Being able to sustain your motivation to lose weight is absolutely vital.

• Gives you practical help to increase physical activity. Exercise helps boost weight reduction, metabolism and motivation.

• Offers real support and encouragement. When it comes to losing weight, accoutability and personal support makes all the difference.


Grocery Shopping

When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, a simple trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming. Arm yourself with these simple tips and a thorough list.


Don’t go hungry

Hunger makes you more susceptible to impulse buys, i.e. foods you don’t need.


Plan ahead

Make a list – and stick to it!


Shop from the outside in

Grocery stores usually place the healthiest foods, such as fresh produce, dairy and fresh meats and seafood, in the outside perimeter of the store. Shop the outside aisles and back of the store before heading to the middle section, where most of the processed foods are found.


Fresh is best

Whether you’re choosing meat, seafood, dairy or produce, look for the freshest items (check the expiration dates). To make your produce last longer, don’t just choose the ones that are ready to use; mix in some underripe fruits and veggies, and let them ripen at home.


Frozen vs canned

Choose frozen fruits and vegetables over canned. Frozen produce is fresher – therefore containing more nutrients – and is less likely to contain sugar, salt or other additives. If you are buying canned foods (such as tomatoes), choose natural foods with no salt or sugar added.


Choose whole grains

Pastas, breads, and cereals with high fiber content (at least four grams per serving). Avoid white rice, white bread, white pasta and anything else made with refined flour versus whole grain flour.


Read nutritional labels carefully

Low-fat foods sometimes contain high amounts of sugar, salt or calories. Look for foods with few ingredients, and little to no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Long Term Factors in Weight Loss & Weight Gain


Slower Metabolism

The more you diet, the harder it is to lose weight. Weight loss programs that result in a loss of lean muscle can slow down the metabolism. Most people regain the weight.


WEIGHT LOSS TIPSAging –Declining Hormones

Our metabolism and hormone levels naturally decline as we age. This is significant with menopausal women that most often complain of the “menopausal extra 30 pounds”.


Prolonged Stress

The hormone Cortisol increases with stress and may cause the body to store fat. High levels of Cortisol may cause insulin levels to rise, predisposing you to Diabetes.


Life style

Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, too much stress, and little sleep.


Health Status

Disease and medications.



Thyroid disease and many other metabolic conditions.


Emotional Issues

Stress, depression, and anxiety. Stress elevates Cortisol levels and depression can lead to overeating.


Skipping Breakfast

People that skip breakfast are more likely to become overweight and obese.



The body will store fat if it is not properly nourished.


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